Monday, 26 November 2018

Kyron , Simon , Noah 3 elements of art

Lady Pink
3 elements:  
Line: Lines and curves are that span a distance between two points or the path of a moving point. As an of art line is the use of outlines, and implied lines during artwork and. A line has a width, direction, and length
lines can be used in various ways.

Shape: Shape is an element of art that is two-dimensional, 3 dimensional, flat, or limited to height and width. Lady pink uses alot of different

Colour: colour is meant to make your artwork stand out and make it look beautiful  

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Healthy Lifestyle

Outlook For Someday

This was our Outlook For Someday movie, we did not enter because we missed the deadline to enter it, Enjoy. Featuring: Kyron, Noah and Ajani

Monday, 24 September 2018

Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time Three Little Pigs lived in a home with their mother, they were now getting older and older their mother told them they shall set off and make their own houses. So the Three Little Pigs agreed and happily set off to make their houses. One pig made his house out of hay, one made his house out of wood and one made his house out of brick after a long day the three little pigs settled in to their cozy homes.

As night came the Big hairy long ferocious sharp teeth looking wolf came strolling along hiding behind a tree waiting for the perfect moment to attack the hay house. As he saw one of the pigs fall asleep he snuck over to the hay house and banged rapidly on the hay door yelling “Open Up!”, The piglet was terrified! “Oh no could this be -” Said the piglet that lives in the hay house. “Okay you asked for it!” Said the Wolf, The wolf pushed and pushed and pushed his hardest with all his strength! Until it fell over! “AAH,My house!”. The other two piglets were asleep and were also in a more soundproof home so they couldn’t really hear much, the big bad Wolf walked up to the brick house and pushed and kicked and punched until nothing happened so he climbed up onto the roof went down into the chimney but didn’t know that one of the piglets planted trip mines! “uh oh” said Wolf BOOOM the trip mines went off. The Big Bad Wolf scattered away crying sai ouchie!, “Hahaha” said the Three little piglets, they just decided to rebuild their homes and go to sleep. The End

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Eiffel Tower

This is the Eiffel Tower, it is 300 m, 324 m to tip it is probably one of the most popular structures as well. Its located in Paris, France Its made of iron and weighs around 10000 tonnes, Visitors can climb up stairs to the first two levels or take a lift which also has access to the third and highest level.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Pourquoi Tales!

How the pug got its paws!

One day a cute little pug named Puggles thought about his paws, he never had paws but everyone else in his family had paws, he was always jealous of his brother and sisters. Then on Monday 12th of October 1998 Puggles went on a hunt for the paw master, the paw master lived in a huge dark, brick temple, named tomato temple. It was jungle like style overgrown vines and leafs everywhere, the only light in sight is under the dark caves at night with the torches showing light. In order to see the master you must have at least 2 tokens, so Puggles had 5 tokens, he gave the 2 tokens to the master, and sat down to have a chat with him he was huge and had shiny white fur, huge bright eyes and even a diamond chain!.

“What do you want” Said Pug master, “Uhh… i - I wa want p-paws?” Said Puggles, Hahaha…. Ok, follow me said Pug master. Puggles and Pug Master were taken into a portal! “Woah we're in the jungle! cool!” said Puggles. Now it was time for them to go on the hunt for a pair of paws! “Woah everything is overgrown and green!” Says Puggles, They walked and walked looking for a gold shiny treasure chest, it was bright orange and yellow. They have been searching for hours and hours! Until they came across a temple, they entered the temple opening the huge wooden door! And walah! There it was! The chest!, Pug master gave Puggles the permission to open it, as Puggles opened the chest a bright flash zoomed across Puggles eyes, “WOW!, Paws!”. He put the paws on and thanked Pug master, off Puggles went back home showing his family how cool he is now.