Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Carnivorous Plants

WALT: Find evidence in a text

Our task was to find evidence in a text and find answers for the text, and also write about your opinions on carnivorous plants.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Immersion Assembly Recount - Kyron

Welcome Bloggers to my immersion assembly post!. Our theme for this term is "Musical Madness. Today is the first day of Term 4! The 16th of October! Yes the holidays are over :( but lets start.

Musical Madness Saves the day:

Mr Burt, Mr Jacobsen and Mrs Nua, Mr Sommerville, Mr Wiseman created a song for the school called Musical Madness saves the day, Mr Burt and Mrs Nua sang and Mr J used a trumpet. Mr Sommerville was playing the drums he was amazing!, Mr Wiseman had the bass guitar! Mr J and Mr Sommerville’s outfits were funny they had t-shirts with a fake muscle graphic on it.

(Team Performances)
Team 1 had an enthusiastic performance. The teachers sat on the stage and had play cards to play with! They were playing the card game “Snap” and they reacted in many ways. They would listen to music while playing the game and see their reaction of how they would act when the music changes.

Team 2 Had a great musical performance, Ms Gaston pulled out her ukulele and sat down by the microphone and started playing one of the Lion Kings theme songs named "In the jungle" and started singing as well. Then the other team 2 teachers came out with other instruments and all started playing the instruments and started singing way faster!.

Team 3 had a very cool movie! It was very entertaining! They had a movie named “MTV” where they lip sync popular songs and compare it to their emotions they are feeling present. For example if they wanted to eat a sandwich they would sing a verse from a song that had the saying “I want a sandwich”

Team 4 had an awesome movie as well! They had a movie such as a “Carpool Karaoke” where they sing songs in the car and record themselves singing! It was really funny! Also they had instruments in the car too!

Team 5 - (Our team) had a really cool performance! They simply had Mr Wiseman and Ms Tapuke acting as parents! They were talking to Mrs Tele’a, Miss Ilaoa and Whaea Kelly like they were their kids! They were watching a short clip from the “Lion King” and reacted with different songs and emotions like Team 1 did!

Thanks For Reading!

Monday, 28 August 2017

My thoughts on class speeches. - Kyron

 WALT - We are reviewing how to produce a quality blog post and comments.

I’m going to tell you my thoughts on one of our classmates speech. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see the best speakers out in the street due to me not being there at the time.

Most Appealing to you? and why?
I think Amelia's speech was the most appealing, It was about her nana that passed away. Amelia always wondered why her nana was happy at a school always cleaning toilets and classrooms , Amelia would always go and help her nana after school. It wasn't because she liked her job it was because she loved seeing her grand kids. Now Amelia knew why she was always happy.

I chose Amelia's speech because I really thought that this was touching.

Which speech was the most entertaining? Most thought provoking?.
I found that Talita's speech was the most entertaining, She gave us some tips what to do when there's a powercut with your siblings. She said their always on their phone using their data which I think is true. She gave us the fist tip to light a candle then blow it out then light it again which was weird but she said its fun so I guess its "Fun?". Oh and the next tip was to save the ice-cream she said use the candle to find the ice-cream and eat it before it melts because the fridge has no power right?.

I chose this speech because I liked her confidence but it was also very funny! she kept laughing and laughing we all enjoyed the speech so thats why I picked this speech.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

I Wonder T3 Animation

This is my animation about Space / The Moon.
This is about what material the Moon is I hope you enjoy!.
( Be sure to comment :) )

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Speech Reflection

Kyron #GEGNZ

Today the year 7&8 extension group headed off to the GEGNZ Student Summit at Ormiston Junior College to present our projects. I was in the scratch team helping kids make their own games!, We took 2 vans for transport, when we first got there the school looked amazing! as we went through the entrance we got our lanyard and also got our own google pens!. After that we went into the auditorium, they told us about the Student Summit and the tv show producers from Young Ocean Explorers were there telling us about their amazing adventures in the ocean.

Then we headed off to our classes and did our presentation, I said my part I enjoyed speaking about how I use Scratch to learn. The Summit was a great experience.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Speech - Kyron

Good Morning class this is why I think Your culture is important!

I think everyone’s culture is important, because its your nationality. Most people are able to speak English. But if your from another country/have a different culture that’s awesome,and you even may be able to do a cultural dance. Some people seem to be surprised when other people speak other languages. But if your parents or you move to another country and you don't know how to speak English but then you learn and you forget your own cultural language. So don’t forget that your language is in your ancestors , it has been passed down from your other family members. Awareness of our own culture is important, because it can keep us from projecting our values onto others.

My cultures are Pakeha , Chinese and Maori , But for me I only really know English and a little bit of Maori I barely know any Chinese but once I go to college I want to take the Chinese language class.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Kyron -Immersion assembly

Today was the start of a new term - term 3!. The term’s topic is called “Guardians Of The Galaxy” , We are learning all about space such as planets as well , the galaxy and life on other planets , and to see if humans can live on other planets if earth had ever ended. So then we go into the hall for the immersion assembly and then the lights turned off.

Team 1: And now team one starts off with there movie and topic of what they are doing this term. So team one started off with their movie and it was a song about how they go into space and there were flying cars!. And then the teachers missed the students at Pt England so they decided to fly back to earth.

Team 2: And now time for team 2! - The movies plays and it’s all about Pt England and exploring  space but it’s them singing about us!.

Team 3: Team 3 and their topic was about life and what you do everyday and how boring it can be!. It’s also about the seasons of earth then Mr Moran was in a pink dress he looked like a girl!.

Team 4: Mr Sommerville and team 4 are looking at if life can be lived on other planets? If earth will ever end or become extinct?.

Team 5: Team 5 was the best act! The teachers came out onto the stage and started rocking out about the planets and space and then the teachers had stars all over them, they had guitars and drums , pianos. Mrs Judd was singing the song it was funny!.

What i’m going to enjoy about this term is learning about the moon and space and all other kind of things about space because I really like NASA and rockets. I always thought if I could go to space.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Extension - Space Information - NASA

We did some researching in Extension about space and NASA heres what I have found out. How

NASA Technologies Benefit Our Lives

Artificial Limbs 

 These artificial limbs are able to sense movement of the human leg. There is a knee and ankle movement detector that detects movement of the knee and ankle that forces the bearing inside the artificial limb to make it move. It also has a battery that can last up to 5 days!.

Friday, 26 May 2017


As the year 8 have gone to camp us year 7's are playing a lot of games and having fun!. We did a cup stacking game and also made yummy truffles!. I am in the team called Fobalicious , this was very fun! and we also made art with our made up quotes.  

Monday, 8 May 2017

Math Grid

Here is my multiplication grid we do this everyday for 10 minutes. Next time I want to do better :).

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Fate of My Holiday

In the holidays I had a lot of fun I hanged out with my cousins and spent time with my family. I also went to the movies with my cousins to watch The Fate Of The Furious at the late night session that was really cool! it was about Dom who betrayed his family for Elena to do work for her and steal the EMP. It was the biggest problem for Doms family they needed to get the EMP before anyone did. But before Dom betrayed his family when they stole the EMP from the army base Dom smashed into Lukes car and stole the EMP for Elena. (I don't want to ruin the rest of the movie for the viewers).

Then I went up to Leigh with my other cousins for the day we went down to the beach for a swim , the waves were huge! the water was cold and nice. It was a super long drive! it was like an hour because of the traffic!.

I also stayed home and played games all day!. My mum brought me a new gaming monitor for my setup! I was so happy when I got it!. But I didn't really do much in the holidays because I felt like sleeping all day! I was lazy.

The End

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Kyrons Water Cycle

This term we had to make a presentation about The Water Cycle. In the water cycle there are 4 main states, In this animation I will be telling you what they are and how they work!. I also added Pollution For an extra, so hopefully you enjoy!.  

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hidden Figures

On Wednesday the 8th of March the Year 7&8 Extension Group went to the movies. We went to go and see the movie Hidden Figures , The movie was about these 3 African - American woman that were very intelligent they all worked at NASA . But they always got hated because of their skin colour which was very sad. But they were all the smartest at NASA. At the end they were known to be the best at their job still to this day!.  Thanks to Mr Vogts sister for helping us to go to the movie!.Image result for hidden figures

Friday, 31 March 2017

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Writing Test Results!

Hello guys and girls! I will be telling you my writing test results the things I need to work on are my Ideas and Organisation but my Spelling and Vocabulary and Sentences and also my Punctuation is great!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Kyron Fractions

This week my teacher put fraction questions up on the whiteboard. We had to answer and figure out what were the answers.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Kyron T1W3 Mixed Word Problems

This week we are learning to solve mixed multiplication word problems and showing our working out. Also adding up kilograms.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Visual Mihi

In this photo I drew myself and as you can see it shows what I like and love. Its called a "Visual Mihi"  , The things I like and love are my Family. I love my family because they always would help me if I ever needed it they would do anything. Secondly I really like playing sports , My favourite sports are rugby league and soccer and much more. Third , I love my country and culture this means a lot to me. And lastly I love skateboarding I have a passion for skating its such a great adrenaline rush when you skate!.
So there's my Visual Mihi I hope you liked it!.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Kyron's Number Of The Week

This week we are learning quick and easy questions (Basic Knowledge)

Friday, 10 February 2017

The Three Kete of Knowledge Quote

Did you know that the 3 kete of knowledge bags are called The Kete-Aronui  , The Kete-Tuari , Kete-Tuatea.