Friday, 17 August 2018

Three little veges

Our lyrics that we had to make had to resemble healthy eating and what the benefits are of exercise. I chose three little birds by Bob Marley.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Benefits of being healthy

Kia Ora, I'm going to be you the benefits to keep healthy! There are a ton of reasons/benefits why you should keep healthy such as Diets , Fitness , Eating well.

So let’s talk about having a diet. What is a Diet? Well let me tell you, a diet is when you go on a healthy eating plan like eating more vegetables and less fat foods or other things in foods that aren't quite healthy for the human body. Or you could even just not eat as much as you usually do the benefit of this is that you can lose a ton of weight become more fit and strong. Most people who do a lot of sport or fitness usually go on a diet.

Last but not least eating healthy.
The benefits are you are decreasing the risk of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes plus more, thats if you eat a lot of food containing fibre. Eating healthy makes your mood even brighter as well!

So overall about my story I am explaining the benefits of keeping healthy, I hope this may have helped you or given you a bit of knowledge why keeping healthy matters.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

The Man In The Night Light (Narratives and Adverbs)

The Man In The Night Light.

One night as I was walking down the street at 11:00pm
it was cold, creepy and the streets were dead almost. After coming back from the party I was about 2 minutes away from home but then I thought I saw a black figure I thought it was just a tree or something, but then at that moment I realised after it came out of the shadows… I froze, He smiled at me creepily with long arms not looking human it look almost like slender man or something but it was definitely something else. I didn’t know what to do or scream or anything but I started to walk faster and faster but as he was smiling at me he started to laugh creepier and louder then he started running towards me I shouted “What do you want!”.  “Your soul…” he yelled with terror at that moment I ran as quickly a cheetah not looking back at anything I ran back home to my house but I was hoping nothing horrifying is in there. The next morning came and I was fine, I got up and went out to get a coffee. I could never forget about that night. The END

Spy Fox Ep:2

Spy Fox Ep:2 

One night Spy Fox was on a date with his wife but SpyFox’s wrist gadget security receiver started beeping, Spy Fox knew something was up he had to go his wife was not pleased at all.

Spy Fox quickly deployed his Oppressor (Flying bike) he rocketed over to the Bird factory that's where Mr Eagle Jones was. Spy Fox swiftly took a quick peek to plan his entry he activated his grapple from his wrist gadget, he shoots over the grapple attaching to a roof window one of the Birdies were watching from the roof Spy Fox quickly chopped him with him karate skills.

As Spy Fox pulls out his laser glass cutter and rappelled down Spy Fox saw that it was 1 minute until the world could end! “Hello Spy Fox”, Said Eagle Jones. Eagle Jones was a huge Eagle with a long yellow beak they called him Jones. Spy Fox saw his wife trapped!
“Oh no!”, said Spy Fox. He was peer pressured because he had no time!
“ATTACK!”, Said Jones. Fox pulled out his gun, he almost shot the switch but the birdies jumped onto Fox “Argh!” said Fox. Fox quickly threw the birdies off his body his gun was on the ground quite far away from him he ran for his life to pick it up, Fox shot the switch stopping the lava and from his wife from dying.

But there was no time left to muck around Fox went to disable the nuclear bomb while his wife took on the birdies with here razor-sharp nails, Fox pressed the bright shiny red button to disable the bomb. “NO!”, Said Jones. Jones said “Thi-This-Ccant Be!”. Fox and his wife sprinted out of the factory planting C4’s, Then detonating it. It was all over and Fox and his wife went back on his date.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Thursday, 7 June 2018

The Crossfire. (Year 8 camp recount)

The Crossfire.

It was the time all the Year 8’s were waiting for. Year 8 CAMP!, Around 8:00 am all the year 8 students arrived waiting in the hall with all there luggage. As soon as the buses arrived we were all so so excited! We loaded up our stuff onto the buses and off we went! It was almost a 2 hour bus ride. We were coming up to the camp… Then we were here! We took all our belongings inside the dining room.  We put all our belongings into our cabins after.

Then we did our rotations my favourite rotation was paintball! This was my first time doing paintball, we use slingshots and we were give a handful of ammo I loaded up my slingshot and I was ready to GO!.  Then I took some cover behind the tyres I quickly peek shotted managing to hit one of the enemies! I could see other enemies waiting for a good shot. I quickly ran around the tyres diving towards the mud.  to dodge every shot but the enemy managed to shoot me right in the chest!, The pain was unbelievable I felt a quick shock I yelled in pain! “OUCHIE!” I was out for the rest of that round!.

Then came capture the flag! The referee put the flag in the middle of the battlefield. I was in the red team the opponents team was blue he yelled “On your marks… Get set… GO!” Off I went sprinting towards the flag in the crossfire their were paint-balls flying across my face! I picked up the flag, two of my teammates escorted me back to base while the blue team were furious to get the flag. I had just made it back to base I could hear and smell victory!.

I felt like this was a well worth camp the whole camp was all about leadership and showing support to help others. This was a very fun camp and and also a good way to learn about leadership!.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Monday, 26 March 2018

Attitude Talks 7&8

Today Tony from Attitude  Talks came to the yr 7&8 block to give us a talk on our attitude & who you are. He also gave us some advice to try new things because its good to give things a go right?, You'll never know if your good at something you've never tried. He gave us what characteristics we are there is a Lion - Boss Leader | Golden Retriever - Peace Maker | Otter - Entertainer |  Beaver - Hard Worker.He gave us a moment to think what type of animal you are, I think I am and otter I love entertaining people and entertainment.

His talk was very positive and great I really enjoyed it, It just goes to show you, you can do anything in life.  😊


Monday, 19 March 2018

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

What is a function and a loop?

A function is an activity that is natural to or the purpose of a person or thing to work or operate in a proper or particular way. You can control/command it as many times you want. 

In class we look at a few dances that had the same action like the Macarena, and the Whip and the Nae Nae these are functions that repeatedly go over and over again that is a function.  

Whats a for loop? a for loop is a thing that you can specifically repeat as many times you want it to.

We also used Swift Playgrounds for this idea/article to write you can experience coding on the app store!  

Friday, 16 February 2018

Visual Mihi 2018

This is my 2018 Visual Mihi it represents what I love and like I love my country because I was born here and it matters a lot to me. I also like gaming its one of my favourite hobbies when I am bored. Third is my family this is the thing that matters everything to me I will always put my family first. I also love cars! my dream car is a Nissan Skyline R32 V-Spec! there are different types of car lovers I like JDM/Japanese Car Culture!. I hope you liked my Visual Mihi!.