Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Grasshopper - The Sequel Reading Emotions

This week we have been learning about emotions and text. Here is my story I hope you enjoy it

Monday, 17 August 2015


The Ski Trip

This is my reading activity about The Ski Trip I have created an ad at the end and Anthony in the story is trying to make $ 71 dollars for a ski trip please read it to find out about the story.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Me, Javan and my buddy

Today, Me Brendon and Javan we helped Brendon with his writing and he did it all him self  this is his writing nice job Brendon!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Kyron If I had a million dollars

Start writing here: If I had a million dollars it would be so amazing my first store would be EB Games then I would go to Hoyts and watch my favorite movies then I would get a Scuf controller Scuf controllers are the best! for gaming I want Black Ops 3 It comes out on November 6.

Then I would buy NBA 2k16 My favorite game is Call of Duty it's a shooting game you can verse people online and kill them my favorite guns in the game are  the snipers there the easiest guns to kill its a 1 shot for the bolt action snipers. I like NBA because I also like basketball and I would buy heaps of clothes!!!.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Friday, 7 August 2015


Today I was with my buddy Brendon he drew a picture of his Harold story

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Kyron's Curriculum Vitae

We have been learning to write a CV I want to be a fruit monitor because I'm good at handing out the fruit.