Friday, 17 February 2017

Visual Mihi

In this photo I drew myself and as you can see it shows what I like and love. Its called a "Visual Mihi"  , The things I like and love are my Family. I love my family because they always would help me if I ever needed it they would do anything. Secondly I really like playing sports , My favourite sports are rugby league and soccer and much more. Third , I love my country and culture this means a lot to me. And lastly I love skateboarding I have a passion for skating its such a great adrenaline rush when you skate!.
So there's my Visual Mihi I hope you liked it!.


  1. This is an awesome representation of YOU Kyron!. It's great to see and read about the things you hold important to you. Great work! Nice art work too.

  2. Wow! that was a great drawing! Keep it up!. :D