Thursday, 27 October 2016

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Harambe Is Life

One day a man named Nick thought he would explore an abandoned bar. The bar was famous for a lot of reasons but the Germans blew the bar up. After that the town was deserted no one ever came back again. So Nick went on a trip to the place and it was in San Francisco in a closed hot deserted area.

When he got there he was looking for the bar. It took him 10 minutes to look for the place then he saw it. He quietly approached the the bar he saw that the door was closed he didn’t want to open the door incase something happened, He could hear screeches from the inside of the bar.

He went to open the door and he saw a gorilla “AHHH” Screamed Nick. Nick ran and the gorilla was chasing him Nick had no choice but to stop because Nick had a sore leg. Nick saw a ladder he furiously ran to it he climbed up to the roof Nick looked at the gorilla and he was known as “HARAMBE” He was legendary after millions of people thought he was dead but he wasn’t.

Nick asked “Wait are you Harambe?!” Nick said “Oh that’s right gorillas can’t talk” But then Harambe said. “Yes I can talk” “WOAH” Nick said. Nick was wondering why Harambe would be out here so he asked “Why are you even out here?!” Harambe said. “Because I want to get away from people and I have a $1,000,000 price on me if I get captured” Nick said don’t worry i’ll keep you safe. “Really?” Said Harambe “Of course” Nick said. So they traveled back home and lived happily ever after. THE END