Monday, 28 August 2017

My thoughts on class speeches. - Kyron

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I’m going to tell you my thoughts on one of our classmates speech. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see the best speakers out in the street due to me not being there at the time.

Most Appealing to you? and why?
I think Amelia's speech was the most appealing, It was about her nana that passed away. Amelia always wondered why her nana was happy at a school always cleaning toilets and classrooms , Amelia would always go and help her nana after school. It wasn't because she liked her job it was because she loved seeing her grand kids. Now Amelia knew why she was always happy.

I chose Amelia's speech because I really thought that this was touching.

Which speech was the most entertaining? Most thought provoking?.
I found that Talita's speech was the most entertaining, She gave us some tips what to do when there's a powercut with your siblings. She said their always on their phone using their data which I think is true. She gave us the fist tip to light a candle then blow it out then light it again which was weird but she said its fun so I guess its "Fun?". Oh and the next tip was to save the ice-cream she said use the candle to find the ice-cream and eat it before it melts because the fridge has no power right?.

I chose this speech because I liked her confidence but it was also very funny! she kept laughing and laughing we all enjoyed the speech so thats why I picked this speech.


  1. Hi Kyron,
    I liked that you chose to write a reflection about our speech expo although you weren't actually here that day. This show how eager you are to post on your blog. I too felt quite emotional when listening to Amelia's speech. But I don't actually have a grandparent who has passed away but I think I would feel the same way as Amelia did. Wouldn't you?

    Your sincerely,

  2. Hi Kyron,
    Great work on writing your speech day reflection! I liked how you talked about Amelia's Speech and how her speech was good and was outstanding to you! Keep up the great work! From Mitchell in Hawaii!