Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Holiday Highlight T4 2015

In my holidays I went to see pixels the movie it was great it had Adam Sandler in it the story was about the old spaceie games like Pacman Donkey Kong and others the pixels did not like it so the pixels came alive attacked a military base it's like there lava goops going around the city they burn stuff.

The military base was pretty much destroyed and to destroy the pixels you need a special gun it will make the  pixels break down so when Adam Sandler was a boy.

he used to be super good at Pacman and Donkey Kong he used to be in the world championships he was battling the world champ but know one knew in his glasses he had a Pacman speed cheat code.

And I did a lot of other things as well.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

PES Survivors Brainstorm 2015 Term 4

This is my brainstorm about our immersion assembly for Term 4 our new topic its called "PES SURVIVORS" Heres a little bit about it I hope you enjoy!