Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Kayaking Narrative

In a lake with a small family going kayaking on a hot sunny bright day. Their names were Jake, Jack and their dad Josh. They jumped in the car and drove off to the lake. It was called Lake Magma and this was a very famous lake.

Once they arrived they took out the kayaks and got ready the family were super excited and couldn’t wait. They jumped in the kayaks and paddled off. Half an hour later they got near a waterfall it was pouring down with water and they were close to zooming down into a rocky lake. Oh No! were about to go down! AHHHHHHHH! As they were falling screams of terror loudly were shouted they hit the water at the bottom of the waterfall. They swam for their lives! their hearts were beating fast like a cheetah they were flowing down the lake and then they all quickly grappled to the side of the grass. They jumped out and were terrified they were breathing heavily.

They changed into their clothes and jumped in the car and went back home. Jack said “WOAH” “THAT WAS AWESOME!” Their own dad was terrified the kids laughed at him “Haha” Dad felt shocked and scared Jack said “At least we had fun”.

                                         THE END

Kyron Maths Problem Solving Week 7 T3