Monday, 21 September 2015

Cross Country Recount

On one super sunny hot exciting day, everyone was waiting for the exciting
Cross Country to begin. I was excited and I got ready for the run. We walked down to the courts in our team colours and sat down patiently on the concrete waiting for the moment.

Mrs Nua came and took us to the line  and I was so excited. Then Mr Burt slammed the wooden crackers! We sprinted off, super fast! I was running hardcore around our big field and on to the Pt England Reserve, around it and back up to the school

I was sprinting to the finish, but my feet were numb on the bark across the park! I got to the finish line and I felt like I was about to DIE! I could not breathe and my guts were deadly sore and when I finished it I felt proud of myself because I came 9th!.

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