Friday, 10 June 2016

Kyron - Will He Save Her?

It was a dark gloomy night in Gotham City. Batman was spying on Mary Jane for his mate Spiderman because he had a feeling that something bad was gonna happen. Mary Jane is a newspaper reporter and she was interviewing some quite famous people on the red carpet at the Oscars. As Mary Jane was still talking Batman spotted The Joker approaching Mary Jane. He had a duffel bag full of C4! I knew I was right to look out for Mary Jane tonight!.

AHHHH!!!! The Joker runs quickly to Mary Jane! She was so scared! As the Joker runs up the stairs to the roof of the building Mary Jane tries to escape! But she has no luck of escaping Batman quickly glides to the roof of the building suddenly The Joker pushes Mary Jane of the building! Batman goes for Mary Jane she is falling off roof batman is shooting down for Mary Jane to save her! The Joker is planting the C4’s! Oh no its gonna explode the building but batman must save Mary Jane first!.

Batman just catches Mary Jane! As he’s got her he glides away and batman put her in a safe place but he needs to stop the joker before he explodes the building so batman quickly goes back and jumps on the Joker! But the Joker grabs Batman’s arm and forcely smashes his body onto the ground! But then the Joker kicks Batman in the face so Batman was so dizzy he could barely walk! Then Batman suddenly doesn't feel dizzy anymore Batman gets up whacks the Jokers legs! The Joker falls off the building! Then Batman quickly gets everyone to the safety zone Batman escapes from the building before the police come.

The Joker escapes jail this time but at least he got his butt kicked!!

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