Thursday, 7 July 2016

Extension Narrative - The War.

He was pensive, confused and he was always depressed and angry. His name was Whetu and he lived in NZ. There was a lot going on and he couldn’t stop thinking of depression in his life. The year 1887 came and there was a war against the Maori and the British. He didn’t want to go but he had no choice or else he would become a prisoner.

So the day came and all the Maori tribes set off to the battle in their waka. The boat wasn’t that big so they had to squash each other and it was a long journey to the battle field. It was really challenging for the Maori because they didn't have as many weapons and supplies compared to the British. The British and Maori sides were now both trained and ready for battle. Whetu was one of the best warriors from his tribe.

Both sides were nervous. Suddenly the British troops started to charge. The Maori attacked back. Whetu ran up and charged at a soldier. He whipped out his taiaha and hit the soldier who collapsed onto the ground. The fighting got worse as the day went on. Luckily for Whetu his side were winning. The Maori warriors cleared out the British troops from the battle field.

The Maori and Whetu were so happy that the war was over. They sung and had a celebration but they were still quite sad because they had lost many men.

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