Monday, 14 August 2017

Speech - Kyron

Good Morning class this is why I think Your culture is important!

I think everyone’s culture is important, because its your nationality. Most people are able to speak English. But if your from another country/have a different culture that’s awesome,and you even may be able to do a cultural dance. Some people seem to be surprised when other people speak other languages. But if your parents or you move to another country and you don't know how to speak English but then you learn and you forget your own cultural language. So don’t forget that your language is in your ancestors , it has been passed down from your other family members. Awareness of our own culture is important, because it can keep us from projecting our values onto others.

My cultures are Pakeha , Chinese and Maori , But for me I only really know English and a little bit of Maori I barely know any Chinese but once I go to college I want to take the Chinese language class.

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