Friday, 3 August 2018

Benefits of being healthy

Kia Ora, I'm going to be you the benefits to keep healthy! There are a ton of reasons/benefits why you should keep healthy such as Diets , Fitness , Eating well.

So let’s talk about having a diet. What is a Diet? Well let me tell you, a diet is when you go on a healthy eating plan like eating more vegetables and less fat foods or other things in foods that aren't quite healthy for the human body. Or you could even just not eat as much as you usually do the benefit of this is that you can lose a ton of weight become more fit and strong. Most people who do a lot of sport or fitness usually go on a diet.

Last but not least eating healthy.
The benefits are you are decreasing the risk of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes plus more, thats if you eat a lot of food containing fibre. Eating healthy makes your mood even brighter as well!

So overall about my story I am explaining the benefits of keeping healthy, I hope this may have helped you or given you a bit of knowledge why keeping healthy matters.

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