Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Holiday Recount

In my Exciting holidays! I went up north with my mum nana and uncle  my mum surprised me for the holiday.

We got there at 3.00 o'clock I saw my cousins and i was so happy!

Me and my family went to the marae and I also got to meet my other cousins and we were playing with the rugby ball and we had lunch and it was nice

Then we came back to the house and i was playing with my baby cousin then i was playing on my iPod, all night.

Also the next morning we had breakfast it was “very nice” & we went to Kfc & the town was very small!.

And also went to the park and had lunch with my cousin and feeding the ducks.

Then we had to leave after 5 days over there also we had to wake up at 4.00 o'Clock in the morning to go.

After I didn’t want to go home. It was the coolest holiday! I liked everything and I hope for next holiday that I can go back.

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