Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Evil Dawn Of The Beasts Animation

This term we have been learning about tinkering tools and toys .

Hello and welcome to my fantastic game animation. I hope you enjoy this amazing game!   
Our task was to make a game animation so we don’t get bored at wet lunchtimes. My game is called the Evil Dawn Of The Beasts.

My hero is Exodus and he is the best hero in town. He is located in the woods of China. My hero can defeat anyone but sometimes his powers go flat. He has a sword which was made by legends back in 1920.

Exodus’ mission is to save the town from hordes of monsters and terrorists. The monsters have bins that explode so I jump over them. You must press the up key to move and attack, if you don’t you will die.

Here we go level 1 watch out there is a terrorist sword activate!  the terrorist is down that was a close one. Oh no bin bombs jump jump! Phew you made it. Oh no the is a another bad monster lets defeat him!

You have beaten all the monsters congrats the town is safe.

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