Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Kyron -Immersion assembly

Today was the start of a new term - term 3!. The term’s topic is called “Guardians Of The Galaxy” , We are learning all about space such as planets as well , the galaxy and life on other planets , and to see if humans can live on other planets if earth had ever ended. So then we go into the hall for the immersion assembly and then the lights turned off.

Team 1: And now team one starts off with there movie and topic of what they are doing this term. So team one started off with their movie and it was a song about how they go into space and there were flying cars!. And then the teachers missed the students at Pt England so they decided to fly back to earth.

Team 2: And now time for team 2! - The movies plays and it’s all about Pt England and exploring  space but it’s them singing about us!.

Team 3: Team 3 and their topic was about life and what you do everyday and how boring it can be!. It’s also about the seasons of earth then Mr Moran was in a pink dress he looked like a girl!.

Team 4: Mr Sommerville and team 4 are looking at if life can be lived on other planets? If earth will ever end or become extinct?.

Team 5: Team 5 was the best act! The teachers came out onto the stage and started rocking out about the planets and space and then the teachers had stars all over them, they had guitars and drums , pianos. Mrs Judd was singing the song it was funny!.

What i’m going to enjoy about this term is learning about the moon and space and all other kind of things about space because I really like NASA and rockets. I always thought if I could go to space.

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