Thursday, 14 June 2018

Spy Fox Ep:2

Spy Fox Ep:2 

One night Spy Fox was on a date with his wife but SpyFox’s wrist gadget security receiver started beeping, Spy Fox knew something was up he had to go his wife was not pleased at all.

Spy Fox quickly deployed his Oppressor (Flying bike) he rocketed over to the Bird factory that's where Mr Eagle Jones was. Spy Fox swiftly took a quick peek to plan his entry he activated his grapple from his wrist gadget, he shoots over the grapple attaching to a roof window one of the Birdies were watching from the roof Spy Fox quickly chopped him with him karate skills.

As Spy Fox pulls out his laser glass cutter and rappelled down Spy Fox saw that it was 1 minute until the world could end! “Hello Spy Fox”, Said Eagle Jones. Eagle Jones was a huge Eagle with a long yellow beak they called him Jones. Spy Fox saw his wife trapped!
“Oh no!”, said Spy Fox. He was peer pressured because he had no time!
“ATTACK!”, Said Jones. Fox pulled out his gun, he almost shot the switch but the birdies jumped onto Fox “Argh!” said Fox. Fox quickly threw the birdies off his body his gun was on the ground quite far away from him he ran for his life to pick it up, Fox shot the switch stopping the lava and from his wife from dying.

But there was no time left to muck around Fox went to disable the nuclear bomb while his wife took on the birdies with here razor-sharp nails, Fox pressed the bright shiny red button to disable the bomb. “NO!”, Said Jones. Jones said “Thi-This-Ccant Be!”. Fox and his wife sprinted out of the factory planting C4’s, Then detonating it. It was all over and Fox and his wife went back on his date.

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