Thursday, 14 June 2018

The Man In The Night Light (Narratives and Adverbs)

The Man In The Night Light.

One night as I was walking down the street at 11:00pm
it was cold, creepy and the streets were dead almost. After coming back from the party I was about 2 minutes away from home but then I thought I saw a black figure I thought it was just a tree or something, but then at that moment I realised after it came out of the shadows… I froze, He smiled at me creepily with long arms not looking human it look almost like slender man or something but it was definitely something else. I didn’t know what to do or scream or anything but I started to walk faster and faster but as he was smiling at me he started to laugh creepier and louder then he started running towards me I shouted “What do you want!”.  “Your soul…” he yelled with terror at that moment I ran as quickly a cheetah not looking back at anything I ran back home to my house but I was hoping nothing horrifying is in there. The next morning came and I was fine, I got up and went out to get a coffee. I could never forget about that night. The END

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